Cloud Hosting: A Modern Technology Infrastructure for Your Government Agency

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Create a Modern Technology Infrastructure for Your Government Agency with Cloud Hosting

Hosting is an integral part of your website's security and user experience. Government agencies are responsible for keeping data protected while ensuring that online services are accessible in times of need. 

The public expects government agencies to complete vital services in the middle of emergencies and natural disasters. COVID has also shown time and time again that productivity doesn’t decrease when employees are given the right tools to collaborate online. As more private sectors develop a hybrid workforce, governments must provide a secure platform that allows employees to work from home confidently.

For these reasons, government agencies are best protected when adopting cloud infrastructures.

Cloud hosting can be a solution for governments looking to 

Lower IT costs

Keep information secure

Allow collaboration within a hybrid workforce

Cloud technology has become the foundation for governments that are both continuing or beginning an effort to modernize and enhance data storage, user protection, and overall security. 

Lower IT Costs

Cloud hosting comes with cost savings. The cloud allows your agency to only pay for what you need. When moving a data infrastructure into the cloud, you only pay for the data storage and computing resources that are being used. This model eliminates wasted resources, hardware, equipment, and service payments that a physical hosting platform would require.  

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Keep Information Secure

There has often been a misconception that data on the cloud creates a weakness in your data security. The reality is that your cloud provider can actually give your agency greater control over security. 

Sharepoint from Microsoft 365 can provide a centralized source of information for employees, with customizable low code applications and a secure document repository. This allows your employees to work confidently knowing that your agency's intellectual property is secure. 

Share Information With Your Hybrid Workforce

The attitude of the office has permanently shifted as a result of COVID-19. Hosting on the cloud allows your agency’s remote employees to access the information they need to do their jobs. Over the past year many realized that productivity doesn’t diminish when working remotely. To achieve this, it requires your agency to provide an online space that facilitates collaboration. 

Online portals on the cloud can not only help employees work together while remote, but can provide upper management with visibility into how and when hybrid employees are going back into the office.  

Sharing Your Needs with an IT Consultant 

The variability within the sectors of government agencies is vast. There isn’t a one size fits all solution when it comes to migrating into the cloud. Working with a company that has IT Consulting Services can help your agency understand what the best solutions and needs are for your specific sectors of government. 

Our partnership with Rutter, a networking technology company with customizable cloud solutions, helps agencies understand their short and long term goals when adapting to the many benefits of moving critical processes into the cloud.