Employee Spotlight: Sri Sunkavalli

Sri Sunkavalli is a Senior Solutions Architect with Cloud and Microsoft 365 who has been working with Stonewall for more than 12 years. He has experience developing public and private-facing internet, extranet, and intranet portals for government and private sector agencies. His focus is heavily with SharePoint Online, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and develops apps using the Cloud and SharePoint framework.


What’s your favorite part about working with Stonewall?

The IT industry grows at the speed of light and relies on cutting-edge technologies and creative problem-solving. Working at Stonewall is innovative and challenging and the culture is also rewarding and fun. Working from home I’ve been missing our Pizza Fridays.

How do companies benefit from Microsoft 365/Sharepoint?

Adopting Sharepoint gives organizations streamlined communication, improved collaboration, content management, organized workflows, and business analytics. 

If you could recommend three practices for organizations to follow in a Microsoft/SharePoint rollout, what would they be?

1. Think big, start small approach

Implement SharePoint in phases. Focus on user adoption. Rollout by agencies/departments.

2. Prioritize business scenarios

It is important to identify key business requirements to create impact across the organization. Identify key stakeholders, champions, executive sponsors, governance committee and power users.

3. Measure, share success, get feedback and iterate


How is Sharepoint utilized in your day-to-day processes?

Working with a  lot of clients is always challenging. My team's day starts with reviewing the task board and determining the priorities and deliverables. We try to streamline communication and collaboration using SharePoint and minimize emails floating around by utilizing teams. 

What TV Shows are you currently binging?

Money Heist and Dark on Netflix. 

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