A COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool With Smart Functionality

Reopening Responsibly

Preparing to reopen in the wake of closures and delays due to coronavirus is a daunting task. With regulations in place, and safety measures to be taken in order to protect both employees and customers, it is important the process is seamless and precise.

That’s why a self screening tool that can help make sure that anyone walking into your government building is not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 is so essential right now. This type of self-assessment not only protects employees, coworkers, staff, and family members, but it also provides guidance to people who otherwise may not have been aware that they are potentially infected.

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The Self Screening Tool For Public Safety

With Stonewall Solutions’ COVID-19 Self-Screening Tool, the reopening process is a much easier feat. The tool helps to reopen buildings and offer public services safely by providing symptom screenings for the public, which allows both the public and employees a safe way to assess their health and feel comfortable when visiting a government building.

The tool has been developed with vital health and safety metrics in mind. Admins have the ability to look at the data of approved and denied entrances, the names and contact information for easy to use contact tracing, and a history of the building capacity.


Entrance Access Based On COVID-19 Screening Results

The Screening Tool is capable of approving or denying access to a building based on the screening results of the individual. This allows an organization or agency to take responsible precautions and prevent access to any individual or group who have had symptoms of COVID-19.

The result of the screening generates a pass to present to a government guard in order to get entry if passed,  along with clear instructions on next steps if your screening resulted in a denied entrance due to potential exposure.

While life may look very different in these unprecedented times, measures are being taken to bring our companies and government work back to normal. With safety as the main priority, Stonewall Solutions has incorporated state-of-the-art systems to ensure that reopening will remain an easy and safe task.


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