Modernize Your Voting Process with a Central Voter Registration System

When it comes to elections, you shouldn't have to choose between security and usability. Our Voter and Elections Management Solutions can ensure compliance with the flexibility to meet your State’s specific needs.  


Secure and Tailored Election Solutions

Manage state and local elections with a solution that will house critical and secure data while offering robust functionality for the user experience. Our team is highly focused on all threats involving voter data and keenly aware of increasing attempts of election tampering. Stonewall has developed a system to withstand these threats, protect public data from unlawful interference and comply with the National Voter Registration Act and the Help America Vote Act.

Some of these key features include:

  • Multi-factor authentication to ensure system security
  • GIS Integration/Address Validation
  • Microsoft .Net Core/SQL Server technology stack

Customizable Modules

A secure and customizable platform can be customized based on unique requirements of the state and stakeholder base. These modules can be customized to support the following

  • Voter
  • Election
  • Candidate
  • Mail ballot
  • Petitions
  • Polling places
  • Poll workers
  • Online Voter Registration

Powerful Election Reporting

Gain access to powerful reporting capabilities to accurately track and report on all critical voter and election data captured. Real time reporting and partitioned views make it easy for users to learn and adapt quickly. 

Assigned administrations can manage various roles within the system to create a streamlined process for reporting. 


The Stonewall Voter and Elections Management system was built to promote interoperability between state systems. The solution was designed to meet the critical need of states to share information from separate state databases into one comprehensive solution.