5 Ways a Portal Can Simplify Vaccine Distribution

The process to create a successful COVID vaccine was executed at historic speed. While the completion of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are notable successes- the real work to reach adequate herd immunity is just beginning. 

Health Care professionals, states, and counties are at the forefront of the planning and regulation needed to execute a timely and organized distribution. One way to ease the complications of distribution is through a Reservation Management Portal

5 Current Vaccination Distribution Roadblocks

Many unpredicted issues have made this distribution more daunting than expected. 

We are facing:

  1. Lack of communication and awareness to the process and availability to the public
  2. Continuous roadblocks with eligibility validation
  3. High rate of no show appointments to receive the vaccine
  4. Inaccurate and dated reporting statistics
  5. Lower vaccination counts than originally projected

5 Ways a Portal Can Help Distribute the Vaccine

With so many factors that go into successfully executing the distribution of the COVID vaccine, a Reservation Management Tool can help aggregate and streamline the process.

1. Educate the public with information on vaccine safety and potential side effects

Transparency, awareness, and education are vital to ensure vaccine effectiveness. This portal is designed to clearly communicate tools to the public by providing a centralized space to upload documents, vidoes, and FAQs, as well as resource links regarding the vaccine’s importance, safety, and process based on eligibility and location.

2. Monitor eligibility, vaccination centers, and vaccine registration

Our portal has the ability to verify identification and determine eligibility. This creates a smoother process at vaccination centers by clearing up delays in the vaccination process. Visual analytics and statistics automatically calculated by the portal is critical for tracking vaccine dosage amounts and contact tracing. 

3. Provide reservation capabilities for vaccination appointments to the public

Constantly changing COVID restrictions, unexpected cancellations and rescheduled appointments, can cause a negative perception by the public on the effectiveness of your vaccination center. Our reservation management functionality allows the public to quickly locate and schedule appointments and streamlines the entire process from reservation to vaccination.

4. Powerful reminders for tracking and alerting users for their second dosage

The alter system within the portal provides multiple points of contact to reach the public when it is the right time for their second dosage. 

5. Vital vaccine analytics and automatically captured statistics

Captured statistics streamline resources by notifying centers if they are able to increase capacity, improve service times, and ensure availability of the vaccine by triggering an automatic reorder. 

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