April Newsletter - Spring is Here!

Our team at Stonewall is welcoming the warmer weather by spring cleaning our processes and caring for our employees. Get up to speed with what we've been up to.

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Celebrating World Health Day 

On Wednesday our staff joined a one hour virtual event on Stress and Burnout through Thriver. In this wellness session, we learned from wellness experts all about the stress response system, how we can become burnt out, and the long term effects of stress on our health. Along with helpful stress management strategies focused on diet and lifestyle.

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Leveraging M 365 for our Hybrid Office

As we continue to work both from home and the office, we continue to focus on increasing employee engagement and productivity. In addition to leveraging our Workplace Reservation System to bring employees back in on a rotational basis, we’ve put a heavy focus on using tech to benefit our culture overall. From utilizing Teams for meetings to conducting Zoom happy hours, we have found that a balanced work life is actually possible in this time of increased stress. 

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Employee Spotlight: Shana

Shana Viveiros is an onboarding and support specialist for Stonewall’s Workforce Management System. She works closely with clients who utilize our system as a tool to help navigate what it looks like to go back to the office. As more companies adopt a hybrid workplace model, Shana is as much of an engineer as she is a “wedding planner” for your office space. Read more about Shana in our blog.


We're Migrating Our Hosting Systems

Over the past few months, Stonewall has undergone the process of migrating our infrastructure to a new cloud platform. Our team is excited about this new direction and has already seen immediate benefits to our operations. These include:

  • Higher employee productivity due to efficient deployment practices
  • Enhanced scalability of existing systems
  • Increased availability of resources
  • Faster disaster recovery and enhanced backup procedures
  • Industry leading data security and access management features
  • Reduced costs and overhead

We hope you're all enjoying the sunnier days and warm weather. 

Until next time, 

Shannon Condon

Marketing Team