Stonewall’s Virtual Holiday


Our “traditional” holiday party was as traditional as 2020 can get. We sought out a virtual experience that would allow our team to celebrate this holiday season and the end to a very long unprecedented year. 

Our entire team was able to enjoy some gifted customized Stonewall wine and play a series of activities in a winter olympic virtual experience hosted by Thriver

For a couple hours our team was able to come together and enjoy a designated time without work as a focal point of conversation. Games included trivia, family feud, and online escape rooms.

As we continue to navigate a hybrid workforce, virtual experiences and company meetings that are specifically designed to not be about work are such a great way to keep company culture alive. 

“In a world where in-person interactions, offsite retreats, and holiday gatherings have been reduced to the bare minimum, virtual experiences are fast becoming a critically important way for companies to boost corporate culture, connect and engage teams, and support individual wellness.” -Eran Henig, CEO of Thriver

As we go into 2021, these virtual experiences help us maintain the company culture we have developed with our team at Stonewall and allowed us to celebrate getting through the whirlwind of 2020 together.